Samurai,Ninja and Geisya girls with katana(風林火斬)

beautiful girls with Japanese sword - katana and Weapons of the world


Kunoichi and geisya girls with katana.(風林火斬)

Everytime this screen is the top.(このページは常にトップに設定)


Sea,sky,wind,tree,fire,mountain・・・Cut down everything in the world!(風も木も火も山も・・・森羅万象、この世の全てを斬る!)


Beautyful and brave women with katana,sword,gun,bow・・・various weapons!(武器を手にした美しくも逞しい女性の画像集。是非ご堪能ください!)


Kunoichi and geisya girls with katana.(風林火斬)

(illustrate by Adam Kirkham)


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